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Level Up Your Workforce with Eastridge GATE

Eastridge’s Gateway to Attaining Technical Experience (GATE) Program™ is a proprietary skills assessment identifying manufacturing and logistics talent you can feel confident hiring. GATE graduates are proven to be significantly more productive, efficient, and likely to be retained. Participants do hands-on skills assessments and experience a detailed job preview before graduating. Our clients benefit from workers better prepared to excel in the manufacturing sector and assembly line jobs.


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With GATE graduates, our clients have yielded:


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Increase in Retention



production output in 12.5% less time


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Decreased in training time

The GATE Program has brought us a more skilled workforce. When GATE Program candidates come to our facilities, they are ready to go. The training curve is cut down to a short period of time and it helps us be more efficient and productive.

Eastridge Client on the GATE Program

Client Success

GATE is a highly effective program designed to match the skills and aptitude of workers with the needs of clients for specific positions. The program has been effective for many clients to not only reduce turnover, but also improve production in manufacturing as well as in shipping and logistics positions.

  • GATE participants are successful because they are thoroughly screened, trained, and tested before they set foot in their new workplace.
  • Designed to fill the skills gap currently facing the manufacturing industry. 
  • Program graduates are proven to be significantly more productive, more efficient, and more likely to be retained.
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How it Works

Attendees are tested in simulated work environments for accuracy and following standard procedures. They will also experience:

  • Interactive and hands-on testing
  • Verbal and written assessments
  • Diagnostic assessments
  • Evaluation of interpersonal skills

Participants gauge their interest in the manufacturing and distribution sector, while instructors assess the participant’s skills and aptitude, assessed in the following key areas:

  • Lean systems including 5S
  • Quality standards including GMP
  • Following SOPs and visual diagrams
  • Assembly with a focus on manual dexterity
  • Best practices


“The results have simply been unmatched…”

Seth Stein, CEO of Eastridge

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