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How Eastridge helped one pharmaceutical leader build a workforce strategy to streamline processes and create pathways to future opportunities.

In the world of pharmaceuticals, windows of opportunity can come suddenly and close just as rapidly.  Demand for talent can spike at every stage of product research and development and opportunity windows can close just as quickly.  

For these reasons, one industry leader partnered with Eastridge Workforce Solutions to build a program delivering consistent talent demand across their operations while following stringent requirements demanded from the pharmaceutical industry.

While contingent labor and direct hire solutions had been utilized in the past by the client, further streamlining and consolidation would drive further cost savings and allow the company to scale.

“Eastridge has been fantastic from a time-and-energy perspective to help us understand the MSP and how it could help us. The system is so easy to use and the staffing supplier process was also fantastic.”


In order to achieve its growth goal, the company needed to address several key challenges

  • Centralization & Efficiency:  In order to drive efficiency and maximize compliance, this partner sought a solution that would centralize processes and wouldn’t require time-consuming, high-level training.
  • Compliance:  The pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated with vast compliance requirements. These factor into ensuring the proper application of ICs, 1099s, and classification of contingent worker engagements.
  • Improved Recruiting Times:  In order to facilitate growth, this pharma leader needed to urgently fill positions in order to meet important demands on its research and production facilities.
  • Geographic Scale: This partner needed a solution that would recruit and manage talent across dozens of locations in several states.
  • Range of Talent:  Talent was needed from the C-suite to labs to production facilities.  
  • Consistent Quality:  The client needed consistent performance not just in recruiting talent, but in the delivery of back-office services.
  • Cultural Alignment:  Like many companies, this one required an alignment of cultures both with new hires but also with their staffing partners in order to build and maintain an effective workforce


Full Suite of Services - Eastridge was able to offer a full suite of services in order to meet the demands of this pharmaceutical leader.  These included:

  • Recruiting Solutions At Every Level:  Eastridge was able to recruit for a wide range of roles to fill positions in the office, lab, and production facility.
  • Payrolling or Employer of Record Services:  Leveraging this service, Eastridge was able to take on employees recruited by the client but maintained on the Eastridge payroll to ensure compliance.
  • A Master Service Provider Program:  Eastridge worked with the client to establish a tailored MSP program.  This allowed Eastridge to consolidate contingent labor vendors across locations, standardize hiring processes, and establish consistent rates.  
  • Vendor Management System:  Eastridge also implemented a vendor management system powered by Talient.  This helped the client standardize all facets of the MSP program into one system of record, including central timekeeping, supplier performance reporting, optimization, and consolidated supplier invoices. 
  • A Tailored Solution:  Eastridge partnered with the client to truly understand their overall needs by department.  This helped not only better identify talent needs, but create a system that would align with the culture of the client’s multi-faceted organization.


Through these services, Eastridge was able to deliver key results that helped save time & money as well as streamline many points of the workforce ecosystem. 

  • Consolidated real-time worker rosters
  • Managed contingent worker engagements and compliance
  • Standardized staffing supplier agreements
  • Increased visibility on workers and costs
  • Time savings by consolidating timekeeping across staffing partners

The program has delivered the solutions that this client needed to facilitate the next level of growth. Delivering savings of time and money, the Eastridge partnership allowed the company to fuel its growth with a centralized system for recruiting and managing their workforce in a scalable way.  For one department alone, the solution saved up to 40 hours per month.  In addition, the program also resulted in faster recruiting times.   For example,  a biometrics position was filled in one week, a 96% reduction in time to hire over the average of 170 days.

About Eastridge

Established in 1972, Eastridge Workforce Solutions is an employee-owned provider of full-service talent acquisition and management solutions for companies globally. Eastridge provides a full range of solutions solving today's workforce challenges.  In addition to professional / technical and industrial recruiting we provide workforce management solutions such as payrolling, recruitment process outsourcing, as well as master service provider and vendor management systems programs.  We back our services with the Talient, a proprietary technology that streamlines every step of workforce management. Eastridge proudly helps over 20,000 associates find jobs annually across the globe.



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